How industries can use scalability of the bipolar plate production as a strategic advantage

Fabian Kapp
02 June 2021

The potential of hydrogen is virtually without limits – and so is the wide range of applications for fuel cells. In order to reflect the current research progress, present technical milestones and to provide insights into a wide range of fuel cell applications, the ninth edition of the World Hydrogen Technologies Convention will take place from June 20 to 24 – this year for obvious reasons as a digital format.

Under the motto "Empowering Hydrogen Innovation", the international hydrogen community will once again be provided with a renowned forum for exchange. Industry experts will highlight the intersections between innovative technologies and scientific research, as well as the interrelationships between sustainable applications and international sales markets.

According to our view, not only reliable standards but also scalable production are fundamental prerequisites for the production of key fuel cell components, such as bipolar plates, so that small and medium-sized companies in particular can benefit from lucrative market potential – from niche production to mass use in industry, everyday life or mobility.

This is only one of the backgrounds against which Fabian Kapp will give a 20-minute speech titled "Scalable production of metal bipolar plates as strategic benefit for industrial production" on June 22 from 02:25 p.m. (Toronto Time Zone or GMT-4). During his presentation he will of course also take time to answer any questions that arise on the subject. The speech is part of the "Fuels Cells #1" session, which is scheduled for 02:05 to 02:45 p.m.

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