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CAD model of a plate for fuel cells

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Plate design analysis: The best plate for your requirements

At the beginning of every application is the design of your bipolar plate. Testing and adjusting it with a view to production is part of our expertise. Our focus during design analysis and optimization is not only on the manufacturability of your plate. We also consider those features for your plate that are crucial for economical series production.

If you do not have a finished design yet, we would be pleased to implement your idea as a CAD model for you. In this, you will benefit from our many years of expertise in the optimization of bipolar plates as well.

Graebener production line for serial production of metallic bipolar plates for fuel cells

Process development: The best line for your plate

What makes our line technology special is our approach. Since the production of bipolar plates is especially subject to many variables, we take a very close look at your targets before designing our machines and solutions. What you want to achieve with the bipolar plate is the basis for our work.
Therefore, in the first step, we not only analyze and optimize the design of your bipolar plate, but also offer a well-founded analysis of the individual production steps – from the coil to the finished bipolar plate – always considering the planned output.

With the focus on economical and sustainable production, we also develop a scalable concept for your production lines that can grow with your requirements. This way, we offer you security for economical and sustainable production with regard to production, process, product and performance.
When implementing your line technology, we will of course take care of the optimal integration into your infrastructure and create the appropriate installation and assembly plan for you.

Why do we Use Metal for Bipolar Plates?

At Graebener® Bipolar Plate Technologies, we deliberately focus on manufacturing technologies for metallic plates. In contrast to other materials, metal offers more advantages overall for the use of plates in fuel cells and electrolysers:

  • Lighter weight
  • Good recyclability
  • Homogeneous electrical conductivity
  • Good contact material
  • High thermal conductivity
  • High surface quality
  • Good forming properties
  • Mechanical stability/elasticity
Metallic bipolar plates for fuel cells

We Analyze and Optimize your Design with Regard to Manufacturability and Economic Efficiency.

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