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The fuel cell technology is the future for ecologically and economically sensible energy generation. At Graebener® Bipolar Plate Technologies, we focus on the development, optimization and realization of the manufacturing technologies for the bipolar plate, the core of every fuel cell.

It is an elementary component of the fuel cell stack and helps to generate clean electricity from hydrogen and air. The bipolar plate is also used in electrolysers, for example to convert electricity from renewable energies into hydrogen and store it (Power2Gas).

This makes the fuel cell interesting not only for future mobility, logistics or the generation of electricity and heat for houses, but for all applications of energy generation where environmental aspects, energy efficiency and sustainability are relevant: The future belongs to hydrogen.


Our work: Sustainable success from the very beginning.

Metalworking, mechanical engineering, medium-sized business: three characteristics that have been shaping our work since 1921. As a fourth generation family-run company, we develop and manufacture proven solutions for metal forming technology worldwide and across all industries. We are known above all for our precision and attention to detail:

Whoever banks on Graebener® relies on a solution that has been thought out down to the smallest detail. It is not for nothing that today we stand for machines and systems with quality and performance that are convincing in the long term – because we know that what we create must also work for our customers in the future.

Historical photo of Gräbener Maschinentechnik GmbH & Co. KG
Made by the German Mittelstand

Trust in the future?
With security in the medium-sized business.

Markets are subject to change over time. Social, economic and ecological changes have a direct impact on technologies – and thus on our work. As a medium-sized family business, it is therefore in our nature to evaluate thoroughly which technologies are – and will be – important. Because we see it as our duty to guide our company, our employees and last not least our customers safely into the future.

With regard to the stability and sustainability of our customer relationships, it is important to us to maintain a balance between proven solutions, process reliability, innovation and progress. In other words, to consider all the details that characterize sustainable quality.

It is not without reason that we are one of the first companies to have been involved in research and development of production processes for bipolar plates for almost 20 years. We believe that the future belongs to hydrogen. And with this investment we are sending a strong signal for the progress that will shape energy production.

With Graebener® Bipolar Plate Technologies we want to make our idea of the future tangible for the present. Not only do we want to create leading and lasting quality for our customers in the spirit of our company‘s history, we also strive to develop solutions that already provide today what the world needs tomorrow.

Fabian Kapp Managing Director of  Graebener Bipolar Plate Technologies

"Developing Sustainable Ideas Thoroughly and with Foresight: This is What Drives Our Team.

Start Your Career at Graebener® and Become an Important Part of Us."

Fabian Kapp, Managing Director

Better through Experience

Benefit from our many years of experience and the outstanding expertise of our team in the production of bipolar plates.



Benefit from 20 years of experience in research and development of manufacturing processes for bipolar plates


We have already successfully implemented over 90 different bipolar plate designs for our customers.


More than 110,000 bipolar plates have already been produced on our Graebener® systems to customer order.

Our References (Selection)

Project BREEZE! Graebener®proves marketability

Graebener® inside: With the successful completion of the project BREEZE! we proved the marketability of our system technology already in 2014. Together with further project partners we realized a 30 kw Range Extender for a Fiat 500.

Within the scope of the project we supplied the metal bipolar plates as proof of concept of our patented manufacturing technology and also contributed to the project with our many years of experience in the area of further value-added chain steps. Today, we have vast experience along the entire value-added chain, from the coil up to the functional fuel cell system.

Fiat 500 30 kw Range Extender

Projekt MetaBPP

Combination of metallic bipolar plate and seal
Elaboration of the technological boundary conditions for the integration of a fuel cell suitable seal. Successful realization with an industrial partner.

Metallic bipolar plate with seal

Project Ekolyser

New economic, sustainable materials for PEM electrolysis
Extension of the competence for forming and cutting of a bipolar plate for the application of highly dynamic PEM electrolysis.

Metallic bipolar plate for PEM electrolysis

Project PreCoat

Pre-coated materials for bipolar plates
Elaboration of the boundary conditions for tool, machine and devices for processing pre-coated, fuel cell suitable pre-material.

Pre-coated metallic bipolar plates

Project RoBiPo

Metal bipolar plate for high-temperature fuel cell
Extension of the competence for forming, cutting and welding of a bipolar plate for the application of a high-temperature fuel cell.

Metallic bipolar plate for high-temperature fuel cell

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