HOW discovering the world can lead to technology for a better future

Fabian Kapp
04 July 2022

On March 3, another Hydrogen Online Workshop, HOW for short, was held by Mission Hydrogen GmbH from Winnenden in Baden-Württemberg. The fundamental goal of the independent community partner is to support and promote the hydrogen society and to enable cooperative networking.

And with great success: Digital formats that have emerged and are developing in this context bring together industry experts, community insiders, respected business representatives and hydrogen scientists from all over the world.

Linked by the joint "Mission Hydrogen", exclusive workshops and interactive discussions are realized at regular intervals to forecast, capture and operationalize future potentials of hydrogen - one of the most essential key components for the energy transition.

In this context, initiator Fabian Kapp organized a virtual panel, to which interested industry representatives could digitally connect and address their questions to the panelists.

Moderated by B2B expert Marco Petracca (PSV NEO), the managing director of Graebener Maschinentechnik GmbH und Co. KG talked to extreme athlete and GEN Z managing director Mike Horn as well as Sebastien Benoit, PEMFC fuel cell department manager at CEA, a French research institute for alternative energies about a very special project: the development and production of a fuel cell stack with up to 30 % higher efficiency. The stack is used, among other things, in a Rally Dakar car that was made competitive solely powered by hydrogen.

Further topics - stimulated also by the live audience - ranged from the importance of hydrogen for a future-proof and sustainable energy supply to the challenges of the individual process steps in the production of economically viable fuel cells.

At this point, we would like to make the nearly 80-minute talk available to you free of charge. For a foretaste, Fabian Kapp also teases smaller video excerpts via his LinkedIn profile.

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