Fast Results thanks to Laser Welding The Technology for Shorter Cycle Times

Not only do we form your bipolar plate for fuel cells and electrolyzers precisely. As an experienced technology and equipment partner, we are also at your side for the subsequent welding process. 

As with cutting, we also use the advantages of laser technology here. Benefit from our many years of practical experience.


Faster welding

With our Graebener® welding machine, we rely on a combination of the latest fiber laser and laser scanner technology. With this method, the welding optics are not moved mechanically, and thus time-consuming. Instead, the beam is directed to the respective welding spot via a mirror system.

Thanks to the static structure of the laser, our welding technology enables extremely high speeds – and thus saves valuable time. For example, speeds of up to 0.8 meters per second can be reliably achieved with stainless steel foils 100 µm thick. A major advantage over a conventional laser processing machine.


At the same time, the smallest spot sizes of the laser beam ensure that we also weld reliably in the channel structures.

With the help of our individually designed welding device and ideal control of all process gases, we ensure a stable welding process.

We can process a wide range of different metals, from stainless steels to titanium and pre-coated materials, starting at a thickness of 50 µm.

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