The Technology for More Precision Our Experience in Cutting and Welding

If you wish to invest in your own production, we can provide you with an advanced and economic solution for your cutting and welding process that is optimally adapted to your requirements. A solution which we can design individually for you or supply to you with the Graebener® cutting system and Graebener® welding system in series-production readiness.

Thanks to our experience, we can master even your most complex challenges and develop concepts for your individual process and clamping technology in our application laboratory, right up to the ideal gassing. For precise cutting and welding results, we use state-of-the-art laser technology. To achieve the best results even with the smallest structures, we work with the highest beam qualities. In addition to this, we devote particular attention to the positioning accuracy, repeatability and long-term stability of the system.

Graebener cutting system and Graebener welding system

More precise cutting

Our Graebener® cutting system is equipped with a cartesian laser system. This ensures highly precise, economic and absolutely reliable results in 2D planar cutting as well as in demanding 3D cutting solutions, even with the smallest foil thicknesses.

We are able to guarantee an extremely high cutting quality with cutting speeds of up to 2 meters per second with lowest burr formation and roughness and cut even most filigree geometries in the port area of the bipolar plate. In addition to this, the laser technology also offers the economic advantage of not having to use high-maintenance tools.


More efficient welding

For our Graebener® welding system we rely on the latest laser scanner technology. A big advantage of this technology compared to a conventional laser processing system is the high processing speed.

Thus, for example, speeds of up to 0,8 meter per second can be realized reliably in overlap welding of stainless steel foils with a thickness of 100 μm.

magnification of a weld spot of a metallic bipolar plate with thickness of 50 μm

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