Our Experience in Laser Cutting The Technology for More Precision

Since the cut edges of the single resp. bipolar plates are used, among other things, as alignment elements in downstream processes and any deviation between the cutting contour and the formed channel structures can lead to problems during the operation of the fuel cell or electrolyzer, special precision is required when cutting the plates. The quality of the cutting edge has also a significant influence on the quality of the final product. 

With laser fusion cutting, we use a process in our production laboratory that achieves precisely this high level of accuracy and quality. And this is achieved without significant maintenance costs or tolerance problems due to tool wear. This ensures fitting accuracy even for complex structures.


More precise cutting 

Our Graebener® cutting machine is equipped with a cartesian laser system as well as a fiber laser with the latest cutting optics. From the smallest foil thickness from 50 µm up to massive plates (for high-pressure electrolysis applications), you get highly precise, economical and absolutely reliable results.


Despite high cutting speeds of up to 2 meters per second, we achieve extremely high cutting quality with minimal burr formation and roughness. This applies not only to 2D but also to 3D cuts – e.g. for the most filigree geometries in the port area of the plate.

Use our production laboratory and our many years of expertise to solve your complex challenges. We develop concepts for your individual process and clamping technology and always place the utmost importance on the positioning accuracy, repeatability and long-term stability of the system.

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