Why we as machine builders believe in the future of the fuel cell

Fabian Kapp
21 May 2021

We have been active in mechanical engineering for almost 100 years. As technologies and processes are always subject to change over time, we have been able to gain a vast degree of experience in metal processing and forming technology over these 100 years. Know-how that helps us master innovative leaps for and with customers from all over the world.

Throughout all these technological changes, we have deliberately stuck to one creed: be forward-looking in everything we do. The fact that we started developing manufacturing technologies for key components in fuel cells 20 years ago is proof of this foresight.

Foresight is also what we value today when, with Graebener® Bipolar Technologies, we purposefully develop machines and systems for the production of metal bipolar plates in fuel cells that can grow with our customers' requirements.

Our aim is not only to provide economical solutions tailored to current and future needs from the outset. We are also committed to making a technological contribution to the urgently needed energy turnaround

We believe that hydrogen will be an important energy carrier – for the climate, for the economy, for the world. And therefore, we utilize our strengths as medium-sized company with its Graebener® Bipolar Technologies division to set standards for manufacturing technologies that have a future.