Profitable interface management: How to set the course for economical series production of fuel cells

Fabian Kapp
05 September 2022

Not only since the Ukraine war and the resulting gas shortage have hydrogen and therefore fuel cell technology increasingly moved into the focus of industry, transport and heat generation. While German research institutes are doing groundbreaking model work and small and medium-sized companies in this country have everything they need to establish Germany as an exemplary hydrogen republic with their technological know-how, practical implementation still reveals procedural difficulties. The keyword here is interface management.

In order to profitably start the entire process chain in fuel cell production, experienced cooperations are needed from the very beginning, which meet individual requirements with bundled knowledge and connectable processes. Against this background, Fabian Kapp spoke with Dr. Robert Rost from DATRON AG about the joint partnership between the two companies.

The background: With the help of DATRON, which, as a stock-listed high-tech company in its own right, is also an expert in dosing systems for bipolar plates, Graebener® has the opportunity to take specific sealing requirements, including all parameters to be taken, into account – and this already during the design of the forming, cutting and welding processes.

In this way, all process steps interlock neatly. The result is significantly better quality and shorter production cycles, setting the course for economical series production.

Other topics discussed ranged from the scalability of fuel cell components and the complications of having too many process participants in the production chain to the importance of electrolysis, which can be used to produce the hydrogen needed in the future in a green way.

At this point, we would like to make the entire interview moderated by B2B specialist Marco Petracca (PSV NEO) available to you free of charge. For a foretaste, Fabian Kapp also teases smaller video excerpts via his LinkedIn profile.