How to design serial production processes from bipolar plate to stack

Fabian Kapp
18 August 2021

On March 25, another Hydrogen Online Workshop, HOW for short, was held by Mission Hydrogen GmbH from Winnenden in Baden-Württemberg. The basic goal of the independent community partner is to support and promote the hydrogen society and to enable cooperative networking.

With great success: digital formats created and emerging in this context bring together industry experts, scene insiders, respected business representatives and hydrogen scientists from all around the world.

Linked by the mutual Mission Hydrogen, exclusive workshops and interactive discussions are realized at regular intervals to forecast and capture future potentials of hydrogen – one of the most essential key components for the energy transition.

As Managing Director of Graebener® Maschinentechnik and as driving force of Graebener® Bipolar Plate Technologies, Fabian Kapp spoke with Thomas Kuschel, Group Manager Sales of ThyssenKrupp System Engineering GmbH, as well as the B2B specialist Marco Petracca of PSV NEO, who moderated the workshop.

The topics – which were inspired by the live audience – ranged from the need for fuel cell technology in the automotive industry and the lack of standardized processes to issues of sustainability and profitability for automotive manufacturers and suppliers to the machinery industry.

At this point, we would like to make the nearly one-hour conversation available to you free of charge. As a first glimpse, Fabian Kapp is also publishing smaller video excerpts via his LinkedIn profile.

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