Graebener® in H2TechTalk: On the role of bipolar plates, business potentials, sustainable forecasts and more

Fabian Kapp
16 June 2021

With our know-how regarding the development of production technology for bipolar plates in fuel cells, we at Graebener® Bipolar Plate Technologies are the contact for companies and innovative research institutions.

To share this knowledge with a wider audience, we do not only exhibit at the world's industry-leading hydrogen trade shows, but also participate in podcast formats such as H2TechTalk.

With the editor-in-chief and host Adrienne Blume we had a technical discussion of nearly 20 minutes on fundamental, much talked about hydrogen topics: in addition to a brief introduction of Graebener® Bipolar Plate Technologies as a business developer and insights into the production and operation of bipolar plates, we seized the opportunity to reiterate the importance of a scalable solution in terms of fuel cell production technology.

We also reported once more on our contribution to the BREEZE! project and gave forecasts for the hydrogen market up to 2050. Which factors will play an important role, apart from the widespread utilization of hydrogen, and how we support our customers with their inevitable challenges when they want to invest in the hydrogen market are concluding topics in this podcast.

Podcast #02 - Graebener® in H2TechTalk

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