Graebener at the fuel cell technology conference and exhibition “hy-fcell” in Vancouver, Canada

Fabian Kapp
02 May 2023

The event "hy-fcell" in Stuttgart has been one of the most renowned impulse events of the German hydrogen industry for many years. This year, Graebener® Bipolar Plate Technologies is also participating in the Canadian counterpart event in Vancouver and is represented there with its own booth (No. 32).

We are pleased to once again present our product and service portfolio to the international hydrogen and fuel cell community - from design analysis and optimization of the bipolar plate, prototyping and small series production to our specially developed and patented machine concepts for your individual series production.

The conference, including trade fair, will take place from June 5th – 7th and, with its scientific and also market-oriented focus, will not only provide exclusive insights into the latest developments of the industry, but will also, as always, offer plenty of time for networking.

The event features a wide variety of session formats. Please be welcome to join:

  • Sessions: This is where we jointly develop solutions for current challenges (e.g. roadmaps, commercialization, establishment of hydrogen centers, etc.)
  • Dare to Ask: These are 5-minute presentations with topics given by the questions of the participants
  • Workshops: Three to four industry experts each invite you to an interactive session with a current topic

Fabian Kapp will also speak on June 6th at 4.00 pm (UTC-7) in Session Room West of the Vancouver Convention Centre East. The Graebener® CEO will be the first of four speakers to start the lecture series "Fuel Cell Components". His topic: "Titanium bipolar plates for aviation: What is essential for the production.“

You can get a free day ticket for the trade fair using this link. Please use the code „WELCOME40“ to do so.

For more information on the event, please click here.

If you would like to learn more about our work, you can already download our brochure on the possibilities of economical production of bipolar plates here.

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