Fabian Kapp takes over honorary office in the General Assembly of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Siegen (IHK Siegen)

Fabian Kapp
11 May 2022

The managing director of Graebener® Maschinentechnik and leading mind behind Graebener® Bipolar Plate Technologies will take over one of the 19 seats of the electoral group "Manufacturing/Industry" in the General Assembly of the Siegen Chamber of Industry and Commerce for four years starting in June 2022.

"I am very well networked nationally and internationally on the topic of production technology for fuel cells and electrolysers and travel to many events. At the same time, it is important for our company not to lose sight of our home region and to network locally in order to be able to push our issues forward," says Fabian Kapp, describing his motivation. "Standing shoulder to shoulder with other influential companies gives our concerns more weight. That's why I'm looking forward to getting involved in the economic body over the next four years and driving forward important issues. Of course, this also includes making our existing expertise around the topic of manufacturing technology for fuel cells and electrolysers further known regionally and, if necessary, attracting relevant partners."

Together with 43 other honorary representatives of the various industries, Fabian Kapp will represent the concerns and interests of the regional economy. Among other things, the General Assembly decides on projects to be launched and supports companies on issues relating to all commercial and industrial topics.