HYDROGEN DIALOGUE 2020 | Nuremberg and online

We make your Machine for Bipolar Plates: Visit us at the HYDROGEN DIALOGUE 2020 and learn more about our manufacturing technologies for the production of metal bipolar plates.

2020 | November 18 -

Visit us at the HYDROGEN DIALOGUE  |  Nuremberg and online



We are committed to creating the quality standard for technologies for the production of bipolar plates and to developing future-oriented processes which help you produce components for hydrogen-based energy generation, precisely tailored, integrable, scalable and thus economically efficient.


Learn more about our products and services:

The Graebener® Engineering: Essential for plate design and line technology

  • We analyze your design regarding manufacturability and work with you to develop modifications so that your plate can be successfully manufactured – also with regard to the necessary features for an economic series production. You do not have a design yet? We would be pleased to implement your idea as a CAD model for you.
  • For your own production, we analyze all production steps – from the coil to the finished welded bipolar plate – and develop a scalable and future-proof line concept based on the analysis and in consideration of your infrastructure.


The Graebener® Application Laboratory: From prototyping to pre-buy service

  • In our application laboratory, we are able to verify the manufacturability of your bipolar plate design using a selected area as test geometry – this way you obtain initial results quickly and cost-effectively. This also applies to the design optimizations we work out.
  • With the continuously optimized and patented Graebener® technology used in the laboratory, we are able to produce smallest lot sizes and small series of your plate design – and later transfer the production parameters one-to-one to your own Graebener® production line.


Your Graebener® Production Lines: From the individual solution to the line

  • We realize your individual single systems for hydroforming, cutting and welding including all tools.
  • For larger and more complex projects we develop tailor-made and scalable lines for series production – from the coil to the welded bipolar plate.


We look forward to seeing you there.

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